The DevOps Experts

DevOps: “The fusion of software development and IT support services so as to optimize team efficiency in environments that are scalable, robust and performant”.

Services We Offer:
  • Network and Data Center Consulting
  • PaaS / IaaS Design and Implementation
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • System, Network and Database Administration
  • Agile Software Design and Development
  • Information Security Consulting – Specializing in Web Site Hardening



In ‘ancient times’ server administration generally involved the configuration and maintenance of single servers or perhaps a limited number of servers that worked together to provide a business function. In the modern IT world much larger ‘server farms’ are often required to provide individual business functions, and multiple server farms are used to segregate the developers from testers and end users. As a result it is not uncommon for a single system administrator to be responsible for dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of servers. To complicate things further many of these servers are virtual servers running over physical servers (which themselves require administration). DevOpsPros is experienced using such modern configuration automation tools as Chef and Puppet to empower a limited number of administrators to efficiently maintain these complex systems.

IT Security

In recent years security breaches have caused untold billions of dollars in damage to organizations of all sizes throughout the world. Even defense-related systems have proven not to be immune to the attention of hackers, malicious insiders and other malefactors. DevOpsPros is constantly working with top-tier organizations throughout the world to define and implement layered security and monitoring solutions that fend off these attacks and enable our customers to respond rapidly and effectively as warranted.

Our consultants have also worked with institutions in the financial, telecommunications and natural resource industries to define security policies, standards and internal practices that form the backbone of any sound InfoSec program.

Cloud Computing

As physical servers, and entire data centers, begin to migrate to The Cloud new sets of challenges have emerged. Often physical security must be replaced with software-based security, and issues related to network efficiency, scalability and redundancy must be addressed. DevOpsPros has been working for years with some of the world’s most demanding tech-centric organizations to solve these problems so that organizations can realize all the advantages of cloud computing while avoiding the hazards.


Many modern information systems must be designed to meet the performance and availability requirements of growing user communities. DevOpsPros has assisted many large companies in implementing back-end systems to meet these needs. In addition to providing the necessary system administration services, DevOpsPros provides consulting and system design services to provide our customers with the assurance that the solutions they select can expand to meet future needs.

About this Web Site is intended to provide an introduction to our organization and to
describe the services that we offer. This site is also intended to share knowledge
and insights on select DevOps topics that may benefit the broader IT community. Any
content on this site is the property of DevOpsrPros and our parent organization,
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About DevOpsPros

The modern term 'DevOps' has been coined in recent years to describe the fusion of operational support with software development that is a the natural result of Agile software development methodologies. This overlapping of duties was found to greatly reduce, and often eliminate, unnecessary project delays when service requests crossed functional team boundaries.

Over a period of more then fifteen years DevOpsPros has built a team of software developers and system, network and database administrators that covers the full scope of software and systems discplines found in the modern data center. We typically work with mid-sized to larger organizations to provide a comprehensive set of IT services. On any given day:

  • DevOpsPros network administrators are constructing secure networks in accordance with best industry practices.
  • DevOpsPros system administrators are implementing security and high-availability solutions for customers that cannot afford breaches or downtime.
  • DevOpsPros database administrators are implementing inter-datacenter replication and real-time failover for six-sigma uptime.
  • DevOpsPros software engineers are employing cutting-edge languages and tools to implement server and mobile applications to meet the demands of high-profile customers throughout the world
  • DevOpsPros consultants are designing and auditing data centers and IT infrastructure for high-profile organizations.

If your mid- to large organization requires attention from top-tier technologists with extensive experience in the most demanding production environments then we invite you to submit our contact form to contact us and arrange a personal contact.